The storm warning me …

The storm warning me of some ethereal particle quarrel
Is the background music around which my insomnia tiptoes
afraid of missing a beat

The screen radiates Dickinson in cold light
I read aloud in slow, careful speech
as the performance should last a bit longer

(Dickinson seems to gently show the way forward
to the hours – I found that Pound scares them away
and H.D. has a nullifying effect – I plan further experiments.)

I -according to plan- should last a bit longer
If only to keep company to my symphonious thunderstorm outside
I will read – aloud (it matters) until it curls in to a stop.

“And I dropped down, and down –
And hit a World, at every plunge,
And Finished knowing – then -”

I turn to the thought of you perching over my bed
Thinking I might get some rest when you give me a look – however slight
A condition nightly denied.

Written for Cake.shortandsweet’s Wednesday Write-in challenge number 60. The prompts were : storm warning / insomnia / turn / stop / performance.
I advise every writer to check them out, it’s both challenging and refreshing. Link can be found on the right.


2 responses to “The storm warning me …

  • SJ O'Hart

    I really like the idea of reading your way through a storm, and taking refuge in Dickinson. (I, too, think H.D. has a nullifying effect – on my brain, that is! I could never get into her work, but I love Dickinson). I really enjoyed your use of language here, particularly in your opening lines, and I enjoyed the bittersweet sorrow of the last stanza.

    P.S. – Welcome to CAKE! :)

    • Godefroy D.

      What a kind comment :) Thank you, it’s very much appreciated ! I know the Attic is quite empty for now but do check it out from time to time, more stuff planned for the coming weeks :3

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