Blitz Poem – Through the gut

So I found this thanks to Bastet on her blog – a form named Blitz Poetry. Here is her piece which sparked my interest. She provided a source explaining what a Blitz Poem was and I thought I’d give it a go.

Through the gut

Key in my hand

Key in the lock

Lock of your hair

Lock in the atom

Atom in reverse

Atom decaying

Decaying memories

Decaying nature

Nature of your brain

Nature above all

All the notebooks

All the pictures

Pictures under glass

Pictures in glass

Glass-eyed pains

Glass on the floor

Floor of angels

Floor underground

Underground love

Underground lines

Lines under skin

Lines between poles

Poles unbeknowst

Poles and people

People do not know

People are null

Null the boxes

Null the art

Art inside art houses

Art out of the streets

Streets above us

Streets and knowledge

Knowledge given

Knowledge gone

Gone the faces

Gone the names

Names traced

Names in the palm

Palm tucked away

Palm aching

Aching underneath

Aching forward

Forward forward

Forward again

Again the need

Again Unseen

Unseen the bones

Unseen the atom



3 responses to “Blitz Poem – Through the gut

  • Bastet

    This is quite good for a first try! You should try to link the flow of the words trying to make them relate to each other…one of the problems I had with my second Blitz… and the end should have been bones – atom. I write the Blitz on word first using the number line option, which I remove before copying it to wordpress, that helps me al ot as I don’t have to worry where am. Glad you enjoyed the Blitz and hope you will keep writing them! :-)

    • Godefroy D.

      The model given on Shadow poetry seems to take the last two words and invert them as well, I merely followed the model ^^”

      Thanks for the feedback :)

      • Bastet

        Cool…I probably messed up then! I tend to do as I like with the models, and then think that that is the proper way of doing it…did something similar with another model a bit back for a prompt…the createer of the prompt said I should have named the new form :-/

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