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stem collector

I have a confession to make :

I keep stems around.

Stems for poems,

Usually colliding with rock music trivia

Stems for first date conversation topics

Usually colliding with rock music trivia

Even though I promise I tried.

Stems for games and playing games

In an attempt to tame competition

Into a human-size outline for the night

Stems for prayers in times of need

Which like most prayers are kept unsaid anyway

Stems for times of need

Replaced without warning by actual ones

Bearing message of more adjustments to be made

I collect stems. They are less colourful than butterflies

But exactly as dead.

Cake writing challenge #65. Prompts : sprint, rats, competition, prayer, first date
Didn’t use all of them, and went for a lighter style than usual, I wasn’t that satisfied with the very heavy effort put out last week after all. Hope you enjoy !

Nearly a love poem

You could show me all these colours
all wearing but subtle shades of blue
– I would argue that I could still tell
Which is your hair,
Which are your eyes,
Which is your blood, and
(perhaps most difficult of all)
Which are not you.

A song of circles

Again these analog scratches amid the usual depressurisation of economy
– start and finish – a general headache- turbulences –
Between temporary paradigms – the worst thing is it will never stop
And we’re not even sure we will land …
Have a peppermint painkiller.

Again a handful of secrets exposed under false pretence of popular art
Standing on one leg as did the Indian Gods of old
– minus maybe the unmistakable musical penis
aimed right at you.

Decade-long interludes relief between timely deadlines
A field of graves the ever-expanding common mind :

90-99 you angsty as fuck
80-89 you sinewave bird songs on your Yamaha DX7
70-79 you minstrel sunflower fox even off stage even free
60-69 you protester loud headline melodies soft political machines
30-39 opium opium opium opium opium
00-09 you not absolved yet – Gilgamesh written

Interludes spent in the wings of history
Resonating when done like ripples from a pebble thrown
– memory circles outlasting memories
Fading out to the next track
Over the sizzle of the years
– the white noise after the silence

Cake writing challenge #64. Prompts : handful :: deadline :: birdsong :: headache :: resonate.

SpokenWord 28.10.13 – Grand Guignol

So yeah.

That was great.

SpokenWord Paris

Report by David, with aid from Melissa’s notes. Photos by Sabine.

Bob Hill was going grey from the neck up. Gaelle Molly (keyboard) sang the solution to you. Evan’s familiar ligtening filled his every molecule… he was a drop of ink in an unused pen. Godefroy was a mute child in grown-up clothes. Kevin’s horse-rider girlfriend stole the show. Antonia described when Death was a little boy. John conducted the audience – FACT! Featured reader Pansy Maurer-Alvarez (of Poets Live) danced with her shadow, wanted their first words back. (From her book “When the body says it’s leaving.”)

Dareka hailed the great ball of fire. Alberto was slapped repeatedly with a lobster. Gabriel’s flesh moved. Jerry Flemming recorded a spike in those who take themselves out of the world. Victor lingered on Lu Read’s pale blue eyes, calypso style. David Kerridge found a good wall for shooting people against. Pansy…

View original post 92 more words


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