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Story Cubes prompt month

Hello all.

It seems I deserted this blog recently. Exams took most of the free time and then some stuff in here got submitted to magazines and therefore removed. And there was that one poem which I did not enjoy even after some revisions and trashed for now.

I’m a rather lazy person, and that’s an understatement – I can’t bring myself to find the right words to define my laziness. But it’s more than ratherly. Anyway, to try and keep up some writing activities I recently decided to do some prompt writing, where the prompts would be decided by rolling dice – Story Cubes dice.


For those unfamiliar, Story Cubes is a toy/game consisting of nine dice in a box. Each die bears six different pictures, totalling fifty-four images ranging from a rainbow to an arrow, a bee, a sad face, a smiley face, etc. The basic way of using these is to roll the cubes and tell a story by connecting all these pictures. There’s virtually no rulebook so you could do what you want with them. I decided to try and write some poetry.

The deal goes as follows : twice a week during four weeks, I will publish a poem based on rolling the story cubes, and then I’ll publish a final poem – giving nine poems in total. I will roll one die for the first poem, two for the second, three for the third, and so on and so forth – the final poem will therefore have to encompass nine images. It will probably end up a weird mixture of a Kyûbi and Pictionary.

I’ll post a picture of the cube(s) which served as prompt each time. Some will be blatantly obvious, I hope to make others more devious.

There you go. Onwards ?



SpokenWord 28.10.13 – Grand Guignol

So yeah.

That was great.

SpokenWord Paris

Report by David, with aid from Melissa’s notes. Photos by Sabine.

Bob Hill was going grey from the neck up. Gaelle Molly (keyboard) sang the solution to you. Evan’s familiar ligtening filled his every molecule… he was a drop of ink in an unused pen. Godefroy was a mute child in grown-up clothes. Kevin’s horse-rider girlfriend stole the show. Antonia described when Death was a little boy. John conducted the audience – FACT! Featured reader Pansy Maurer-Alvarez (of Poets Live) danced with her shadow, wanted their first words back. (From her book “When the body says it’s leaving.”)

Dareka hailed the great ball of fire. Alberto was slapped repeatedly with a lobster. Gabriel’s flesh moved. Jerry Flemming recorded a spike in those who take themselves out of the world. Victor lingered on Lu Read’s pale blue eyes, calypso style. David Kerridge found a good wall for shooting people against. Pansy…

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Poetry is not a medium for self-expression

Another external post about poetry which is more than worth reading.
And while you’re at it, follow Poetry Monthly, there might be some exciting news posted … later :3

Predictive Poetry – Sarah Grace Logan

Predictive Poetry.

I am much too lazy to try to summarize the whys and hows of this post, so you’ll just have to read it to know why I judged it share-worthy.

Step into my suspense web.

(It’s one more tool in our arse-nal against writer’s block, if you needed any reason to really check it out)

Thanks Sarah for this inspiring piece of writing :)


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