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A song of circles

Again these analog scratches amid the usual depressurisation of economy
– start and finish – a general headache- turbulences –
Between temporary paradigms – the worst thing is it will never stop
And we’re not even sure we will land …
Have a peppermint painkiller.

Again a handful of secrets exposed under false pretence of popular art
Standing on one leg as did the Indian Gods of old
– minus maybe the unmistakable musical penis
aimed right at you.

Decade-long interludes relief between timely deadlines
A field of graves the ever-expanding common mind :

90-99 you angsty as fuck
80-89 you sinewave bird songs on your Yamaha DX7
70-79 you minstrel sunflower fox even off stage even free
60-69 you protester loud headline melodies soft political machines
30-39 opium opium opium opium opium
00-09 you not absolved yet – Gilgamesh written

Interludes spent in the wings of history
Resonating when done like ripples from a pebble thrown
– memory circles outlasting memories
Fading out to the next track
Over the sizzle of the years
– the white noise after the silence

Cake writing challenge #64. Prompts : handful :: deadline :: birdsong :: headache :: resonate.

Upon Listening To The First Solo In No Twilight …

Cake short and sweet Wednesday write-in #61 –
Upon Listening To The First Solo In No Twilight Within The Courts Of The Sun

No more brown coke with my fried bean to cup

No more binary synthetic harmony

No more processed elephant banter chit-chat

No more care for your surface black eye-rimmed eyeballs

No more menthol-laden ether tether dangling from the above sky

No more appointed love in appointed love-books

No more circumstance poetry

No more houses ogling at the bedroom windows of the other houses during ogling hours

No more labels for traumas under glass

No more silent time around exposed bodies

No more diagonal relief between heart beat-important patterns

(No more heart beat-important patterns)

No more time for addressing endings or give way to absence

No more impedance on the horizon

I apparently got hooked on that weekly writing challenge … Here are the prompts : Menthol, Fried, Secret, Blind Date, Chit-chat. Hope you enjoy it. The link for Cake short and sweet can be found on the right in the blogs I follow (ctrl+F helps in any case)
The song mentioned in the title is a great piece of chaotic rock by Steven Wilson and can be found here

The storm warning me …

The storm warning me of some ethereal particle quarrel
Is the background music around which my insomnia tiptoes
afraid of missing a beat

The screen radiates Dickinson in cold light
I read aloud in slow, careful speech
as the performance should last a bit longer

(Dickinson seems to gently show the way forward
to the hours – I found that Pound scares them away
and H.D. has a nullifying effect – I plan further experiments.)

I -according to plan- should last a bit longer
If only to keep company to my symphonious thunderstorm outside
I will read – aloud (it matters) until it curls in to a stop.

“And I dropped down, and down –
And hit a World, at every plunge,
And Finished knowing – then -”

I turn to the thought of you perching over my bed
Thinking I might get some rest when you give me a look – however slight
A condition nightly denied.

Written for Cake.shortandsweet’s Wednesday Write-in challenge number 60. The prompts were : storm warning / insomnia / turn / stop / performance.
I advise every writer to check them out, it’s both challenging and refreshing. Link can be found on the right.


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