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A song of circles

Again these analog scratches amid the usual depressurisation of economy
– start and finish – a general headache- turbulences –
Between temporary paradigms – the worst thing is it will never stop
And we’re not even sure we will land …
Have a peppermint painkiller.

Again a handful of secrets exposed under false pretence of popular art
Standing on one leg as did the Indian Gods of old
– minus maybe the unmistakable musical penis
aimed right at you.

Decade-long interludes relief between timely deadlines
A field of graves the ever-expanding common mind :

90-99 you angsty as fuck
80-89 you sinewave bird songs on your Yamaha DX7
70-79 you minstrel sunflower fox even off stage even free
60-69 you protester loud headline melodies soft political machines
30-39 opium opium opium opium opium
00-09 you not absolved yet – Gilgamesh written

Interludes spent in the wings of history
Resonating when done like ripples from a pebble thrown
– memory circles outlasting memories
Fading out to the next track
Over the sizzle of the years
– the white noise after the silence

Cake writing challenge #64. Prompts : handful :: deadline :: birdsong :: headache :: resonate.


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