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The Aftermath

I yield.
Lay down your weapons
Take back the songs – for they are yours now
Release your promises from my house
And mine shall retreat at once
And if one should be found
helpless and discovered
It should be returned to neutral ground
And left there.

I yield
As should the kings of a definite stalemate.
Your terms and conditions shall now exist
outside of me
And wherever met should
leave the premises immediately
Or be actually annihilated on sight
– I do not doubt that such measures
will be enforced as well
Under your now different law.

I do not mourn or regret our law
Nor will I fight for it
Nor will I regret it
But do not ask me to now abide
by any of your decrees
However slight the coincidence with my own ruleset,
My coldest winter, my law of relativity
May be.

Let it come to pass that we now are orbit-free suns
Nailed to our own correct centres
Spinning our own correct ratio of existence and emptiness
And all that’s in between
Around us

And it is of no consequence to know
Which one will burn out first
Or outburn the other
In whatever way a star may decide to go

Given that as I burn out
I do actually burn
In all allowed radiance
And that shall be enough.


Story cubes poem #1 – The vegetal show

“Look, look how it grows,
How fast, and soft, and strong,”

(The ad reads : take a trip back
to days of oceans below earth
and distance and waiting
and smaller designs)

“How naturally out of sequence
Beautifully out of shape
Fumbling around its own stumbling pattern”

(Possibly ever-elusive – I cut Dad off
in thought, where he cannot chide me
for an attempt at imposing
concepts against temporality)

“Wonderful ! And to think
They were all indifferent to it
Back then !”

I stand – stranded – vacant witness
to the revived phenomenon
the museum audience in awe
stirring something which –
is not remembering.

That shall wait – until we buy
the never-the-same-in-the-morning figurine
from the souvenir shop,
under the fiberglass dome

– If stones could still be plucked
from street soil,
no doubt I would dream
of smashing it
and not even
count the pieces


The single die gave me a tree.


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